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NeddoFreddo    1075

So, I'm making an item for a character, which is a weapon. It is supposed to do an AoE attack, kinda like the Bearger. Actually, I wanted to use the effects for the bearger's attack, but anyway, the weapon does a lot of damage to all enemies around it, has a cooldown of 20 seconds, and I wanted to add a custom animation. The weapon is a tuba, (like a really, really, really loud tuba) so I wanted to have an animation where you blow into the tuba, not just the normal attack animation. The final thing is I wanted is when you use the weapon you just right click it and everything around you gets damaged, (also trees get chopped down), instead of having to equip it and target a specific enemy. It would not destroy anything else, just trees and enemies. It would also be cool if you could see the cooldown on it's inventoryicon, but that isn't a necessity.

Thanks to anyone who can help! 

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