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The Church of Nome

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Rresend    76

Welcome to the church of nome!

Is this considered as heresy? Probably.


ITT: we post nome occultist memes and nome shrines

Hello my fellow nome occultists, I have gathered you all here today to finally reveal the true secret on how to unlock any skin your heart desires

  • Step one, you must gather 5 potato cups
  • Step two, you must create a pentagram at the science machine or alchemy engine where you will open your skin drop
  • Step three, this is option but human sacrifices are also greatly appreciated for the potato cup pentagram
  • Step four, recieve your desired skin and laugh at all of those who are inferior and are oblivious to the true power of the potato cup

I have posted pictures below to show you my progress

As you can see in this first picture we have the shrine set up to commence the ritual


Blessed again by based nome


On a side note can we just acknowledge how bizarre at the fact that Wolfgang has lost his hands? He must have been praying too hard, no one ever said the occult life was easy.


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Arlesienne    8985
On 2.06.2016 at 1:26 AM, ImDaMisterL said:

But now I'm curious, what skin did you get?

Pics or no cult followers!

Pics (well... one as it is mighty late now):


@Rresend beat me to this, but the thread is the effect of our session today on The Name of the Nome, the new multi-sharded server of mine one of the new forum members requested. With a big server (16 slots), we got all four research labs before winter, and that led to ideas. I would not go as far as to claim a cult, but our forum mascot deserves more recognition (note to self: I must post my Klei flowerbed too). As you can see, our little sanctuary is just starting out, so any donations are greatly appreciated. I can assure the method works even if there is just one relic in it (because, honestly, lo and behold the hallowed Potato Cup, the one and only). After all I got a shiny white shirt thanks to my efforts! The plans are to get more votive replicas as well as flowers, torches, tentacles and statues. Hence your contributions will be essential.

PS The character is my friend's OC if you are wondering. Product placement? Not sure, but even if... sorry, not sorry!


And our sanctuary is being expanded.



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