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NeddoFreddo    1055

Hello Don Staav Modders, 

I have recently had an idea for a character mod. (for DST, no one downloads vanilla DS mods anymore D:) 

All in all, the character is a pigman. I have a few ideas for the character, such as;

- He can chop down trees with his bare hands.... er, hooves I mean (for crafting purposes he will also be able to mine rocks)

- His handslot doesn't exist (he can't hold anything because of his darn hooves!)

- His bodyslot doesn't exist either (his body is really big) (he would probably have like a 50% free damage resistance because of this)

(he will still be able to wear head items, though, because normal pigmen can. Duh.)

- Pigs are automatically 'following' him. (kind of like Wilbur and the monkeys)

- He can locate pigs and pig villages easily

- He can talk with the Pig King (this feature wouldn't provide any pros or cons, just kind of a funny side thing)

- On the full moon, he turns into a dreaded WerePig

- and finally, he poops when he eats fruit

However, the main reason I made this topic is because of the first worry; the animations.

I wanted this character to not use the wilson build, (the one that all the characters use) but rather the pigman one. So okay. Easy right? Well, no because the pig build doesn't include an item pick up animation, or a 'fiddle' animation (fiddle as in the one that plays when you upgrade walls, build things and pick grass/twigs/berries etc)

So how would I go about creating these new animations and applying the pig build to the character?

[Also, because I'm lazy, I'd just use the original pigman art for this mod.]

Thanks if you can help!

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accidentally pressed enter :P

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rezecib    3152

@NeddoFreddo Well, you'd start by decompiling the pigman animations with ktools. Then you'd open it up in Spriter, start making your own animations there, and have it get autocompiled (put the folder that you decompiled it into with ktools into the "exported" folder of your mod and run the autocompiler). I would expect this to be fairly difficult to make look good, though.

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