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Dont Starve Giant Edition on PS3 Help

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Spider2430    31

I couldnt think of a good place to put it because i didnt know what category to put it in. Anyway I play dont starve a lot on my pc, but sometimes i like to play it on my PS3. The only issue is when my character moves, the screen gets a little blurry and a lot of the other stuff in it gives me a headache just looking at. I was wondering if you guys could like smooth it down a little kind of like the way the pc, ipad, and other consoles look. for example, wilson head looks a little rough with the lines and his beard make it worst, half of the time just looking at wilson it gives me a headache. I mean its still fun, but i find it hard to play sometimes. anyway i hope you guys can fix it up a little, if you cant i understand that to.

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