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How can you the in-game font? (Language Pack)

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FreyaMaluk    5859

I've published my translation already, but some letters and symbols in my language are not detected or the names are longer than in English which makes them look pretty weird in-game.

Is there a way to change for a font including the special characters and also changing the font size???

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CarlZalph    5026

I'm not sure if the .po file system allows for setting of the font or size, but the talker component of the player can be edited:

ThePlayer.components.talker.fontsize = #

ThePlayer.components.talker.font = UIFONT


Definitions of fonts to use, though not sure if you can freely add more, may be found in scripts/fonts.lua:2-19::





Do we support non-ASCII fonts?
At the moment, we do not support non-ASCII fonts. 

This is from 2013, so not sure if this is up to date or not.

But it might explain why some of your letters are not supported.



Something to try is to instead of using the symbols directly, try escaping them.

Like for the special n with a tilde over it: "\195\177"... Or is it "\177\195"?

Edit: Yeah, it's "\195\177"


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Muche    295

I'm not sure which translation you are referring to specifically, but I downloaded one from (Shipwrecked en Español v.

The file es.po says it's encoded in iso-8859-1. I have no idea if the game handles different codepages correctly. Could you try to change the file's encoding to utf-8 to see whether it fixes the missing characters?

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