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[Command Request] Auto drop item in inventory

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Klarum    10

Please make a command to automatically drop an item in your inventory. We already have this possibility if you Left Click your backpack which will drop it immediately on the ground. Using Ctrl+Right Click on a inventory item could do the same thing.

We have to 'click item + move cursor somewhere + click to drop' thousands of times in the game. Having this quick command would save time and your mouse wrist.

Sometimes you just need to make inventory space FAST while running away from that Terror Beak, 4 spiders, while holding a torch in the middle of the night, to grab that item that could save you. Having to do all those clicks means you need some Korean level of APM (yes this idea came to me when i died in this scenario :D).

Also it can sometimes be hard to drop an item when you "can't find" ground to click on if you are in a densely forested area or there are plenty of objects around.

Thank you :)

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