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Spider Queen Despawning

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L0stLP    38

The Spider Queen should not Despawn if she was hit in the last 30 seconds

(I know some people have the issue with her not despawning at all, but I did not encounter that bug)

They turn back into Level 1 Spider Dens in mid battle, wile fighting with a player that uses hit and run, wile fighting with hound, even while fighting with spiders controlled by the spider hat.

And all the damage you made to them is gone, you get no eggs and you can't just destroy the spider nest for the eggs you have to wait until it is a level 3 again.

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Snob    1272

I actually have no idea what you're talking about, I really don't think that Spider Queens need to be fixed.


So you want to change the behavior of the spider queen, just because you had to beat the boss all over again.

Sigh, this is the suggestion/feedback section of the forums.

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