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Palpetinus    839

No, not those World of Warcraft kind of raids.

People say this game is too easy.

People say the hounds are easy to juke and with a treeguard, beefalos or traps easy to fool.

People say those foolish spiders are no match for the spears and logsuits of them.

My idea:

Make a random set of mobs, either hounds, spiders, mixxed or a bunch of treeguards spawn at some corner in the map, walking towards the player, leaving nothing than havoc.

more detailed: After day - let's say - 100, the mobs you killed the most (or random) spawn at an end of the map in a group.

No, i am not talking about 3 hounds, or 5 spiders.

I am talking about 20 hounds, or 25 spiders, 5 treeguards, those kind of things.

At day 100 you WILL have a base and you WILL be able to beat almost everything.

I don't know about the warning, tough. just some floating text would be too dull, and no warning at all would be too unfair. Imagine you, building a base in peace, when 30 spider warriors approach you.

EDIT: Of course this would only be smart once you can build fences, buildings.. a base of some sort.

And ideas? Discuss.

PS: Sorry if my idea is dumb, just thinking about some ways to improve lategame difficulty.

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I think it would have been a good addition to a different game, but Don't Starve doesn't lend itself to the idea of organization beyond pack, swarm, and tribe. What you're suggesting is actually the behavior of the enemies already, just more directed at the player. And the ecology of the Don't Starve world seems, to me at least, that Wilson is merely another creature.

Take the Spider Queen. She lays spiders as she moves, and the first time I encountered one, or rather several at once, I ran around like a Gobbler trying not to die. It was a full on event in my world as there was so many spiders all over the place I couldn't fight back at all for a while. That sounds a lot like your suggestion but with one difference, the Spider Queen homed on the closest enemy not the player.

So I draw the distinction that Don't Starve can already create army scenarios without simply targeting the player. Course, I wouldn't mind a dozen or more hounds coming after me past 100 days.

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Snob    1,272

Do you mean like a horde of enemies?

Uh, I can't disagree, this game is slightly too easy.

Large groups of enemies would be a reasonable way to introduce new structures, from fences to traps, etc.

Kinda wish the battles would be fun as "Orcs Must Die!", or any enemy horde game. If the enemies are solely difficult, that would be kinda dull, in all honesty.

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Snob    1,272

Not a horde, that would be too big already... Just more like a.. large group.

Nothing is "too big" in Don't Starve, ;)

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Moonphos    20

It's a fair suggestion, as long as the amount of creatures approaching is reasonable.

It'll be rather unfair to throw 30 spider warriors at you - Not only are they unable to outrun, but the combined damage from each jump will probably break BOTH Log Suit and Football Helmet while taking away a chunk of health.

Keep the amount reasonable - Defeatable, but not as easy as "Stunlocking" a handful of pigmen to death.


On another note, I believe Monster AI/Behaviour would be updated? I THINK I saw it from a post somewhere but I can't really remember.

And the Day 100 event is a fairly common suggestion, I remember seeing it a few times, though different happenings. This one is about it being a Boss Fight. Please do not necro the thread though =)

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