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HellHeater    2492
5 minutes ago, BoySyrup said:


Shell Beach Turf's one year anniversary of having character quotes is coming on May 5th!

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It was just a thing, that's all it had.

A turf, alone, with no quotes to sing.

What could it do, but feel broken and sad.

After all, it was only just a thing.


Nothing was stated, only defaults shown.

Left alone, on a forgotten sandy shore.

When examined, players let out a groan.

Left forgotten, as a sandy bore.


But, one morning, on the fifth of may,

an update released, new content had arrived.

Would this finally be the day?

Would this forgotten turf finally be revived?


Described as beachy and sandy, quotes had been spurred.

Alas, it was true! Wishes had become real!

Quotes about this turf were heard,

this sandy shore finally had examination appeal!


It's... a thing.

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Spino43    1405
10 hours ago, Bijumiro said:

Sem Título-1.png

This meme will (probably) age well (maybe) (it's a probability) (yes this is me trying to make a forshadowing) (too much?)

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SecretPizzaMan    1256
4 hours ago, HellHeater said:

Same thing but cooler for some reason?


I use the heart as a way of saying "I wish you good health". In the beginning however, I did use it as if it is like but better.

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Duck986    3400
1 hour ago, babba said:

This game forum section has 90000009% more activity than our little Oxygen-not-included forum section and is often ueber-awesome !

Cuz ONI, like Factorio, is for narrowly focused audience, man.

And DST is more popular in general.

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