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Mike23Ua    14507

I want to Repost an old Meme I made.. I’m allowed to repost my old memes right? Well anyway-


Wolfgangs Rework will include a new craftable UNICYCLE one of the Items from his days in the Circus, the Unicycle can only be ridden by Wolfgang, Wes & Walani-

The removal of Wolfgang’s Speed Buff was so controversial that Klei had to give him his Speed back, so NOW he can Zoom around on a Unicycle that requires a little more effort to craft then just eating food.

WES knows how to ride a Unicycle and will gain Sanity while riding it, but likes to show off so he can’t petal nearly as fast as Wolfgang because he likes to clown around

WALANI loves Surfboarding and the thrill and danger of catching the big waves, so Surfing, Skateboarding or riding a Unicycle on a tight rope across a pit of angry sharks is just the kind of sports thrill she is up for.

Everyone else can’t ride a Unicycle and instantly falls off.

Wurt just likes spinning and chewing on the tire.


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Mr.Tarunio    3569
2 hours ago, CatchySong said:


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Wx-78 streams on twitch in order to gain slaves via twitch streamer charisma


This statement is true since I use a wx78 model XD.

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DaZoul    4326
8 hours ago, Waynel said:

when you have to clear a path through the mob in 2021. Wolfdoom.





Actually, this Doom poster was what I thought of immediately as I saw the main menu

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