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NightfallsCurse    1760

Little meme i created, not much but it's kinda funny...


Message for Klei:
Potatoes are OP


Arby's no longer sells meat and Wigfrid thinks it's lame now

New Motto: "Arby's, we have the veggies!"

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Mike23Ua    15112
37 minutes ago, DelroyBM said:


I’m glad mods don’t exist on consoles actually.. at least that way I know the people I’m playing with are legit.

(warning a long rant is about to follow)


I am quite puzzled by one well TWO things actually- I see A LOT of Servers that have descriptions like “Don’t be Wes” “No Willow”

I am assuming that the people who host these types of servers are still hating on these characters because of how they played BEFORE their reworks..

But in Actuality now since there reworks NOT picking them is worse, Don’t be Wes but you can still be Wilson? Hahaha… okay guess that makes sense.

This is the exact reason I don’t use a headset on Xbox live- I would tell ALOT of people off since Wes’s rework he went from being my least favorite character to my 4th favorite (Wendy, Willow & Webber are above him) 

Wes has several actually useful perks now- a balloon that lets him move around the map quickly, a balloon that restores other players sanity when popped, a balloon hat that helps with lightning strike and wetness protection, he aggro’s enemy mobs off other players and onto himself. 

I don’t know HOW Klei did it but they actually managed to take a character I always saw as a wasted character slot and actually make the poor Mime FUN..

Willow- I’m assuming she gets banned from servers because she spawns with a lighter? Big freaking DEAL now guess what? Thanks to the STARTER ITEMS players spawn into the world with.. ANYONE has an instant torch in hand.. if you DON’T want your base burned down maybe play in public locked rooms or get yourself a watering can that instantly extinguished fires.. but QUIT giving Willow a bad reputation FFS….

First off her lighter lasts 10x as long as a torch, so if a Willow joins your server and crafts lighters for everyone USE THEM- Willow can also use her lighter to instantly cook foods without needing to build a campfire.. which is GREAT because BERNIE is triggered based on Willows Sanity- having a lighter to eat as many cooked or uncooked mushrooms as you want is how your intended to raise and lower willows sanity

BERNIE has multiple functions: in small form he provides warmth when held, but if placed on the ground and the player goes insane Bernie will dance around distracting nightmare creatures (if no Willow player is around) If Willow is near Bernie and insane he enlarges into BERNIE!! A huge freaking teddy bear monster that is the single best thing in the entire game to let passively kill shadow monsters while you stand idly by just watching- that is LITERALLY Bernie’s designed and intended purpose (Aka farming nightmare fuel) 

What is WITH these people and Banning out Wes/Willow but still letting Wilson’s join? The game in its current form- WILSON is the worst least team helpful character in the game until he gets his rework.


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