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Articestone    1013
7 minutes ago, Caochu said:

Whatever Them did to the Ancients, it made them S A L T Y enough to transform in thulecite.

This is my new cannon

Ah yes the new cannon, ammo : salt

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sinisterrkid    1788
On 11/10/2020 at 3:25 AM, Articestone said:

Wait, to get dust to make thulicite we need salt but didn't they stay in the cave the entire time?

I just always assumed the Caves were once the surface. You know, even in the real world you gotta dig to find actual ruins of ancient civiizations.

12 hours ago, Szczuku said:


But all too late, this is now in my head cannon


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SilverBisexual    842
11 hours ago, Jrramon_GOLD said:



So which one of you are gonna make a video on the iceberg.

Volx and Old William Dannighar brought back memories. I used to moderate for the guy, and he seems to have vanished.

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