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Blueleaf12    2097

Now that it's very possible we could be fighting Queen Charlie, I've been meaning to post this as Queen Charlie's unofficial battle theme:

If any musicians wanna swing this to make it fit into the DST style, I'm ALL ears, because it's probably one of my favourite pieces of Kirby music. 


Can't tell you how many times I've gone through Robobot's True Arena mode and got my butt kicked by her, sheesh


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CaptainChaotica    6055
12 hours ago, HobbyLev said:

Template by @CaptainChaotica.


  Reveal hidden contents



Lol.  I guess I'm...flattered? that one of my weirder recent pictures became a meme template?  You can thank Globalastick's Halloween Retexture Mod for the weird face-rock, in case anybody else wants those in their own game.  Let's see, what else memeish do I have...

Well I have this, aka the "This is fine" template, Don't Starveified and kittyfied:


And maybe this:


WHAT did Willow actually get bonked on the head by? and...


...what are we being chased by today?  For me, I am just now hearing about these new beta shenanigans and I'm like..."A MOTH?!   WHY?  Why, of all things, of all other stuff that already exists in this game that would've fit the existing lore and tone so much better, WHY THE FREAK A MOTH?!"



I dun care, I'm going with the Ancients' bodies thing.  This new idea is just too stupid and unconnected.  It feels like what happens when a book or TV series has been dead for a long time, then gets revived by a new writer who has clearly NOT actually read or watched the original stuff.  It's so...non-sequitur.  Give me an answer that makes sense and fits the tone, or I won't accept it.

Yes I've done this with other franchises...


For the record the swordfish/Moth "Realisation" never caught me.  It was my damn raft falling apart that did it.  : P


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DavePlaysDST    2059

maxwell memes are now canon and the moths are the self inserted joew as he is cleaning up the memes, but hey, thats JUST a theory, a MEME THEORY. thanks for reading.

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DavePlaysDST    2059
1 hour ago, Auth said:

Ah, yes. The cruelty of nature (and weird coding). I made a mod to fix this, actually! I felt it was my responsibility as a tallbirdologist.

i read the mod and im just going to say its a feature to fix overpopulation of tallbirds, now if only there was a way to fix beefalo overpopulation...

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