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Monkey Cups    465
2 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Well I wanted to post this into that grief stories thread... but that thread must have been deleted from the forums- Understandable..

THIS Particular grief story however deserves to be on the Maxwell Memes thread because it was not an Human player maliciously grieving others but rather the game it self grieving everyone.. and I’m labeling it in big bold letters as a serious contender for: 


(just watch the short GiF.. you’ll quickly understand why.)


...what set Woby on fire?

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Mike23Ua    7770
2 minutes ago, Monkey Cups said:

...what set Woby on fire?

The lightning strike from player being resurrected by touchstone 

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Blueleaf12    1761

Now that it's very possible we could be fighting Queen Charlie, I've been meaning to post this as Queen Charlie's unofficial battle theme:

If any musicians wanna swing this to make it fit into the DST style, I'm ALL ears, because it's probably one of my favourite pieces of Kirby music. 


Can't tell you how many times I've gone through Robobot's True Arena mode and got my butt kicked by her, sheesh


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