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Mike23Ua    11325
1 hour ago, Dr. Safety said:

Wait what's wrong with "Thanks"? I've been using it as the most prestigious reaction


Oh right, meme thread... uh... here



To be honest with you, I only use the forum emotes the way they’re Intended to be used, if I use Confused react it’s genuinely because someone’s post confuses me, if I use Thanks, that’s because it’s something I really really like, if I use laugh emote it’s cause a post made me laugh. The Internet is hard to relay a persons actual feelings but- We could really Use an Forum Reaction complete Overhaul.. I’ve been using my own Memoji I think it’s called?? Found in your Iphones built in apps. So if I want to respond with a Thumbs Down Emote I will use a picture like This- 


HOWEVER- There is an EMOTE Reaction Wheel built into the Actual Game... Why can’t we have THAT here on these Forums?? Why When a post someone makes genuinely makes me feel Angry can I not react using the Wendy- Furious Emote? 

Why if a post makes me sad can I not react using the Sad Emote with little animated tears on the character of choice that I’ve chosen? Why when a post makes me feel Joyful (like all of Klei’s Update patch notes) can I NOT React with Wortox clicking his heels in Joy?

(I know that the Memes Thread is the wrong place to actually bring up Conversations... But since you brought it up I figured I would share my two cents worth on the Subject)


As For Actual Memes- 




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nightmarefan    1311
44 minutes ago, Russian_Philin said:

Waiting for Walter:
When you realize that the next character or rework will not come out soon: 

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My reaction:




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