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engiSonic    626
10 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

Are you... trying to imply Klei is greedy for giving a character for free?

Nah, it's all in good fun. I'm as excited for Walter as anyone, and Klei is very cool.

Actually, I started out just with the "two chesters" part before I realized that the "NO SKINS" fit as a punchline unedited. TBH, if I could change anything about it, I would probably just cut it off at "NO SKINS!" for simplicity's sake.

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Memetan    482
2 hours ago, MagicalSkies said:

Are we all forgetting the stats boost Wurt receives? Like, if you have 2 Merm houses next to the royal tapestry, and what, like a couple seeds, you’re basically op without having to eat everyone’s gears that others need to keep their base safe and food fresh, or having to go risk your life in the ruins, (looking at you WX-78)

First of all "I said exchanges" not his magical power that's turn Wurt's stats (that's are already fine) higher.

Second: WX78 don't need to go to ruins to get gears because Clockworks exist on the surface, and he only needs to don't die to don't lose his stats, not make a royal tapestry and feeding a black hole of veggies or another merm to replace it, and of course Wurt needs other king in caves.

I played Wurt a lot trying to find something special to do with her, and merms aren't. If you want slaves use Maxwell, if you want an NPC army use Bunnymans. At last Wurt is a good character for sailing and get resources in the swap.

If you like Wurt is ok, I invite you to make a post to find more opinions, but for me is on the corner of "We need help" with Winona.

Edited by Memetan
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Mike23Ua    9700

Disclaimer: These are going to be my types of Memes from now on.. because I’ve found something more Important to campaign for then trying to get DST added to the Xbox Live Events App.



When I first started playing DS I thought that the ONLY way to obtain Beefalo wool for making winter hats to survive Winter was to run ONE Beefalo out of its horde and then kill it discreetly away from the rest Of them to obtain its wools. Little did I know that THIS SPOILER WAS A THING.


Thermal Stones pretty much make needing Winter Hat Obsolete AND 
You can obtain plenty of Beefalo wools by simply crafting a Razor and then shaving them while they sleep.

Klei can easily BREAK THE META by giving us a toggle option like Razor can shave Beefalo Wool? Yes/No

on a Uncompromising Mode like the one @Canis and company are making.. I would like for the original way I thought of obtaining Beefalo Wool to Officially become the only way to obtain it.

Edited by Mike23Ua
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Wumpus the 19th    1194
28 minutes ago, Sinister_Fang said:

This is less of a meme and more of an excuse to continue getting threads off topic. Make your own threads instead of trying to hijack existing ones.

Yes and especially don't try to derail maxwell memes, the thread that has gone on for 525+ pages of klei forums...

...wait...I'M derailing the forum...oh no...

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