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nightmarefan    1184
1 hour ago, Spaartan said:

It's yellow fishclops!

now Photoshop him on deerclops DO IT

41 minutes ago, MagicalSkies said:

Imagine if pets really did grow up to be their grown up form....can I have tamed dragonfly or is it like a Tallbird that then they wanna kill me?

you do not want to know the answer


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nightmarefan    1184

trying desperatly to fight the insanity from quarantine? WELL WE HAVE A SOLUTION FOR YOU! TAM O' SNHANTER!

Tam o' Shanter - Don't Starve Wiki

attention:in case your insanity aura is more than 7 then this thing is worthless

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GetNerfedOn    6686
On 4/29/2020 at 4:49 AM, bruhmoment23 said:

Welcome to Holy Starvations Sunday Church, thank you for attending. Our todays attendants are : Wendy Carter, William Carter, Wilson Percival Higgsbury and Ms and Mrs Hermit. Blessed be our lord and savior Carratus Christus. Amen.

( Feel free to add your own attendants )


@watermelen671 @nome, looks like the Blessed Church Of Klei and Latter - Day Nomists has a contender now.

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