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MagicalSkies    862
3 hours ago, NinofanTOG said:

Guys check out my house in Animal Crossing!!!


Wow, the new animal crossing update sure is great!

5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

Two hours after obtaining Glommer, Buzz, Buzz Buzz, Buzz, BUZZ!





I used his remains to make this less noisy GlomGlom pet :) 


Funny thing, yesterday something like this happened! A Wendy had a Glommer (there were like 3 Wendy’s in the server) and an Abigail killed it! My friend then used the Glommer goop to make a glomglom.

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Mike23Ua    15102
4 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

Top 10 photos taken moments before disasterss.thumb.PNG.4a1695545c700a8d6ca8ac49d92764e5.PNG

Which parts the moment before disaster though? The Hungry Bearger.. Or Wheeler stepping out of the Tent and blasting Warbucks with her Pewmatic?

She can just say his death was a casualty of war. >.> 

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