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1 hour ago, Warlockadamm said:

Sorry if i forgot/didnt do some peeps

Oh do i have to unpack my meme folder just for you then huh?

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x0-VERSUS-1y    8973
13 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

this is the music video that you are looking for dude

I see - a fine man of culture, tip of the hat to ye good sir! :cool2:

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SophPlays    685
4 hours ago, Warlockadamm said:


Wanted to take a moment and thank all of the meme makers for your small or big contribution on this thread. Thanks to all the supporters or people that pass by this thread every now and then too. We had our lows, we had our highs, but in the end the memes were always there. Keep being so goofy and funny guys and have a nice day.

  Reveal hidden contents

In order of appearance (left to right)

 @LunarCat @bruhmoment23 @Bijumiro @watermelen671 @minespatch @Charlie Dark@Szczuku @SophPlays @ADM @Sunset Skye 

@Pinkamena11FazP @Terra_Zina (didn't forget you this time buddy ;] ) @FabopFrankie @Pinyaps @Wumpair @NinofanTOG 

Sorry if i forgot/didnt do some peeps, i'll try to add you in for the next milestone! 




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Bijumiro    3616
8 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

@Bijumiro I'm gonna cry! I've attempted to raise a baby smallbird many times but ultimately failed. I'm a bad mommy, and Wes is a terrible person!

"It was beginning of summer.

I had to pass by 2 Tallbird nests to get to my base.

I didn't bother getting the eggs because I had a lot of food, for a long time.
Then I saw it

The tall bird egg just hatching], in the nest. It was beutiful
The tall bird screamed

I hear a bumb 
And it's gone



Then I realized what James Bucket said when he talks about the Glossamer Saddle was true.

Bucket,James (2016) Beefalo Taming in Nutshell (Don't Starve Together No Gameplay, Just Tutorial) 12:40



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