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watermelen671    19752
30 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

No, it'd have to be the untriumphant skin, default maxwell has been tainted by the darkness, and his skin is darker as a result.

Did a crappy edit of Maxwell to see what he'd look like if he were "Norted"...


Yup, this was a mistake. I might get around to doing the whole nine yards...but I think I've done enough for tonight. :wilson_ecstatic:

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Kaktar    7


wendy carries team, commands gost to slaughter all buttflys

but   but is to late  ? ? ??

wilsun est laggiging

wortxo is insaen  onoh

woody starving on lu narp insland

an d funni sceletins eh eh eh

whatever waght yr

whatever shall sould Will happen? :o


fnind out next time on



translated from greek from chinese (tradtional or/and that other one) and japanese to d'anglaise.

(finding a quality image for mspaint on the first wendy img proved to cause a case of tumor, sdnedn help) (wendy says "Oh" in chinese in that one, other asian text is food recipes...)

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watermelen671    19752
13 hours ago, Neutral_Steve said:

Guys my Wes is acting weird.


Well it's about time someone started making guns in the Constant. Who needs to tank Deerclops when you can just bust one right in its giant target of an eye? :wilson_sneaky:

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