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DragonMage156    27526

A single knife in an image and suddenly it's NSFW. I would argue that there's worse stuff on here but I don't want to end up with a warning point/ban myself.

Now where did I put those memes...?

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1bubbainpa    3293
57 minutes ago, ADM said:


It’s me.

I’M the Wormwood.


Also those are rookie numbers

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Better response so I can get more of those points because I have no self control
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DavePlaysDST    2036
1 hour ago, zee_dragon said:

Apparently I was watching few of the trailers because I was bored. I go to pause it and I'm met with...these.

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Wigfrid looks so out of it.


Er...Is Webber giving the pick to us or...?


He's staring at me, I don't like it.


I have no words on this one




This one makes me a bit uncomfortable.


I get it, this is a old one but this one caught me off guard more than the rest.

 Feel free to use them because I have no use for the images.

i had a few good images saves somewhere


my fav ones were wickerbottom from the gorge tournament, winona from her rework video with a face like a mix of disturbed tom and surprised pikachu face, and the last one is my pfp

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