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bruhmoment23    7373
1 minute ago, Dunk Mujunk said:

**starts to make jokes, glances at the imposing picture of JoeW hanging on the thread wall, thinks better of it**

I mean, i've seen it happen quite a bit. But I have a meme under construction and I haven't found what I need browsing the internet. I was hoping the community could help me out.

You could always try playing the game then take a screenshot at the right moment and just crop the image out abit, unless you don't want to wait you could always try and find gameplay footage where it happens then also screenshot, other than that i'm not really sure.

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Dunk Mujunk    2135

Yeah, I may end up taking the pic on my own. It's a bit tricky on PS4 because there is a bit of a delay, and hitting the button brings you to a menu that covers the screen where you then select the screen shot option, all while the game continues running unseen in the background.

I figured i'd try to be lazy first, and if anything do it myself later.

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GetNerfedOn    7046
12 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

Isn't that a repost?

I made a tierlist about this a long time back, but he made his own spin upon it with the basics while i made e x t r a s p e c i a l tiers so i don't really mind XD

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