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NinofanTOG    4549
4 hours ago, maradyne said:


i dont know why i do these things

if somehow this wasn't enough to punch your screen, the full image is over here

Sans has a Soul, so Wortox could one hit Sans.

Wortox shouldnt be scared.

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Frashaw27    1264
16 minutes ago, YouKnowWho said:

You not remember the bossfight?

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You see, the player had to run up to sans to attack him and had time to dodge, compared to Wortox who could just "sorry, kid" him and give him only a moment to dodge before he attacked.

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LunarCat    2903
On 05/12/2019 at 8:00 AM, Canis said:

I'm pretty sure y'all just came to the conclusion that Wortox is basically Sans.

when will klei add a wortox sans skin

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