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engiSonic    626
1 hour ago, Mooagain said:

Wait a minute...

The Merm guard house costs tentacle spots...

Wurt are they doing with those spots?

serious answer to a joking question: I'd imagine tentacle spots are very waterproof (which is why they're a component of the rain jacket), so it only makes sense that a merm house would also want to be similarly protected.


and an obligatory meme so i'm not totally off-topic:




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Articestone    739
10 hours ago, watermelen671 said:

Foolish mortal, you dare to think you can surpass minespatch? :wilson_ecstatic:

Also, if you don't love me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best meme


I'll let you decide which belongs to whom. :wilson_sneaky:

Wurt tries to be hutch but deep down she know she cannot surpassed the great hutch 

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