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-Variant    11052
1 hour ago, Bernado1 said:


I heard that last spoilered bit.


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Weavilemeinfep    168
12 hours ago, minespatch said:


I'm not sure how intentional it is, but Wendy looks pretty dopey and i absolutely love it,

also, i may have did a dopey laugh, amplifying the image, thus breaking me even more into my usual laugh,

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Szczuku    18868
On 2.09.2019 at 9:54 AM, Szczuku said:


-No nsfw or offensive memes- if your meme contains a swear word then censor it (preferably by using a pigman or poop) or put it in a spoiler

-Stay on topic- no one cares about non-dst memes you found on steam or reddit

-No disscussions- this is a meme thread, if you want to discuss something then create a thread for it

-No reposting- especially if you don't know the source/author

-No continuous quoting- sure if a meme was especially funny you can quote it and say how funny was it. But if you keep quoting every single meme then you're just clogging the thread

-How to deal with bad people/trolls- If someone is misbehaving then remind them to follow community guidelines and this thread's rules. If they ignore your reminder then stop upvoting their posts, don't quote tchem telling them to stop since you'll be the one clogging the thread, report their posts (to make mods aware) and use the ignore feature


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