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Canis    13144
8 minutes ago, Mack Swell said:

But Warbucks wasn't even good

But Gorge and Forge were just tossed in

But Maxwell Memes is only temporarily locked, unless JoeW decides to just say no, which is respectable. Also, if he does, if I hear any of you nefarious scoundrels be annoyed by that, I'm going to *REDACTED*

hehe you used redacted

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Mack Swell    1735
Just now, 4 Da LOLs said:

you have no values of our culture begone!

Look there is a private DM for us to discuss this, we don't need a safety net for our safety net my guy.


Edited by Mack Swell
meme for memelose-lords
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__IvoCZE__    9558
56 minutes ago, JoeW said:


It wasn't just one person. And I did warn, and it's not the first time. 

But when I have to spend a significant portion of my weekend watching one thread that really shouldn't be allowed to begin with, It gets tiresome. 

Many of you might not have been around when the first one started, but meme threads aren't technically allowed. They aren't on topic and they aren't constructive. I allow it because obviously you all have fun with it and as long as it stays some version of under control, there is really no harm. 

I am not trying to punish the whole group because of a few bad posts from time to time, usually I try to just look the other way. But eventually everybody gets loose enough that they forget what is appropriate and what isn't. I was going to lock all meme threads that popped up in response so I am only even leaving this one up so you all don't go through meme withdrawl. 



I get the point and I'm kinda thankful for you helping this community ( even thankful for you giving me like several warning points for my stupid posts I posted but after some time I got -mostly- the hang of it)

Thanks a lot.

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