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Warlockadamm    3535

@Szczuku You were quicker then me xD i was working on a meme just like this one >.< well done sir well done. I'll lurk in the shadow for now .-.

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x0-VERSUS-1y    7575
1 hour ago, Caochu said:
  Reveal hidden contents









Long story short

I made it with what I found, no offense nobody. Also as I don't want to show any preference on any side, I caricatured both with the first meme I saw

Awww, missed the healthy smell of a fine dumpster-fire as well, last thing I saw was some peeps "summoning" JoeW. Oh, the real juicy part that must've taken place will be forever lost to me, too bad for the prepared popcorn :livid:

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DragonMage156    27682

Are we talking about this thread's previous debate or a different one? Cos I don't think anyone wants to open up that Wendy related can of worms again >->


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