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Honktaro    105
19 hours ago, FreyaMaluk said:







Ty @minespatch I borrowed your Wilson meme


Well, the meme is self explanatory, you can give it whatever context you want, someone in denial of Wendy's age, someone that has her as a waifu, someone that makes suggestive or nsfw art or other media about her. would you want me to explain every meme i post here for you? second, what quote do you want me to show you?

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hit enter before finishing typing.

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__IvoCZE__    9546
1 minute ago, DavePlaysDST said:


I’m a rebel




Please don't? I don't want this epic meme thread to be locked for this stupid reason.


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Pop Guy    4351
42 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Yes please.

This is a meme thread not a meme page- can yall stop adding unnecesarry comments everytime someone posts a meme here.

Seriously,  things have been okie-dokie for 3 years and suddently JoeW has to use the "thread will be locked" argument


"friend of the guards"

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