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__IvoCZE__    7717
19 minutes ago, Raspberry Shake said:


Isn't that from the Mob Psycho episode where Mob and Reigin go around debunking urban myths?


No no that's smiledog.jpeg - a creepypasta about a online picture.


basically all the pictures you find of it arent actually the entity because no normal person coming into contant with it would ( OR WOULDN'T THEY ) share it because the entity would invade your dreams and thoughts.

basically devil dog 101


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TemporaryMan    1510
1 hour ago, Pop Guy said:

A dog with horns, biped, red-fire that eats souls and teleports. And no, it doesn't have anything demonic, you're right. A totally normal dog.

So he's a red dogalope... who's either a sorceror or has an armor with Enigma?  I never really had the runes to make Enigma.

Also, I'm not really the type to judge people for their dietary choices.  Vegetarian, meat, shadows, souls, it's all cool.

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Raspberry Shake    5781
3 hours ago, Pop Guy said:

I don't know, I liked more the old concept, more "demonic". The new version is perhaps a bit too "cute" :'D

You don't understand, as that other guy pointed out, Wortox is in fact Clifford's grandson, mutated by the curse Clifford laid upon his family when he made a pact with S A T A N (this is censored for... some reason so I had to do that) to grow to impressive physical power. Trying to free his family from Clifford's actions, Wortox was lured into the constant with false promises.


In all reality, I too prefer Wortox's old, more twisted and Burton-esc demonic form (and the more demonic dog in the later designs). With a lot of the new stuff, the final design doesn't look like it fit's. It's too.... appealing.


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