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Viktor234    5535
6 hours ago, KoreanWaffles said:

I think I just solved world hunger


Plant flowers near a magma pool and eat the butterfly wings.

Turn into a werebeaver and gnaw the Stagehand.

Build ~50 Pig Huts near the Moon Stone, come back during Full Moon, place a Star Caller's Staff onto the Moon Stone, pick it up, repeat till all pigs turn into 2x Meat + 1x Pig Skin.

Use the previous idea & haunt the meat to turn it into Monster Meat to make it edible as Webber without any penalties.

Find a way to freeze yourself 24/7 (Dunno if that actually stops your hunger drain, but it stops you from doing anything so the food in the fridge won't drop at all).

Create a world without any players (No players -> No need for food).

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Marco BR    2220
45 minutes ago, DragonMage156 said:

Oh we have a video for this update:

(I'm posting it for the meme reasons only, not targeting Klei. Tbh, I haven't even played it myself since last year).

I had seen this video and I did not believe it was Don't Starve 

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