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DatShadowJK    2,350
1 hour ago, Raspberry Shake said:

I remember when this thread was under 200 pages.

I feel old.

I remember when it just hit 100 pages

I feel older

we lost alot of good people

rant about stuff:


holy crap my first post here was page 54 and the image doesn't even load oh man i forgot why everyone liked it oh god i hate how cringy i was 2 years ago why did i make a post about a winter challenge just because i survived 10 days ago what was wrong with me 


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DragonMage156    26,435
On 4/27/2016 at 12:49 PM, The Letter W said:

maxwell found his family after so many years 


One of my personal favorite page 1 meme (it just makes me giggle) .

2 hours ago, areallybadname said:

we are at 300 while monoxide memes is under 40 pages

Leave them out of this. It's still a baby (I'm not sure there's enough people playing ONI to totally flood it with memes like DST).

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