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x0-VERSUS-1y    4,246
30 minutes ago, Mr.Mulk said:


I  think it'd be great if he constantly flew around the player talking about Wrestlemania, how he's gonna take down "the hulkster," and "the cream of the crop"

Seems hilarious (and would work well with "bunnies screaming with grown-men voices" concept too, heh), a big thumbs-up from me at least - and would totally play with a mod like this if made. One small side-note though: maybe make its beard dark-bluish like belly fur? Now it looks rather dissonant.

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Mr.Mulk    1,181
29 minutes ago, xxVERSUSxy said:

@Mr.Mulk or something like this:


..aka beard drawn in the vain of Wilson's.

Would be really fun if, as a mod, MachoGlommer could have an actual negative sanity aura (not much though), make all neutral mobs around hostile towards player in a given radius (let's say 2 or 3 turf squares) and provide a small damage multiplier (x0.1-0.3) in said 6 turfs diameter circle while saying those lines your video exemplifies, hehe. Well all above could boil down to:


This is absolutely beautiful, I want this to be a thing so much now.


I was toying with the idea of making chester hulk Hogan so you could have both as followers

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Xedlord    1,187
3 hours ago, NoscopeFelix said:

I hear em coming. Quick! Pretend everything is normal.


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