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Bebbit    2,787
21 hours ago, Celophone said:

I'd imagine Maxwell ("shadow" form) would be the seme and Wilson would be the Uke. 

It'd be reversed if Maxwell is his unshadowed form and Wilson was his shadow form.

I totally ship these two <3


Maxwell mind fragments x Maxwell mind fragments.

No better ship here. ( except maybe webber and wendy :3 )

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1 hour ago, Serph said:

mfw i click on this thread for the first time

KYM in a nutshell 


I agree with Professor Layton here. 

But if the entire area is dank, wouldn't that include him…?

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Bebbit    2,787
20 minutes ago, Subscriber01236 said:

Too many memes in a row in the Maxwell meme thread with Maxwell in them, so I just got this meme comic fresh off the market from that one famous hacker 4chan. Enjoy.

  Reveal hidden contents






I'm so sorry. Not Sorry.


It's not a total failure, maybe she was putting her dark energy into you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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