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Some character ideas (there are 10)

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CaptKnuckles    10

I came up with some pretty knifty character ideas in case the creators were trying to add in more but couldn't think of any (they are in order of description, then name, then ability)

Witch Doctor-Wandabu-darts fired do much more damage than when fired by other characters

Shaman-Walks With Wolves-dogs are friendly toward this character and instead of attacking, they follow him

Pack Rat (huge rat)-Whiskers-the more grave junk he has in his inventory, the higher his health becomes

Archer-Whitney-(a bow and arrows would have to be implemented into the game first (bow-3sticks/10webs, arrow-1tooth/1stick/1feather)) she could shoot further than the other characters, and her arrows wouldn't break after hitting the enemy

Druid-Ward-if a carrot is nearby you during a full moon it will slowly turn into a mandrake, ware-pigs that hit you turn back into normal pigs, and there is a lower chance for a tree guardian to appear

Fancy Man-Winston-the better his outfit the stronger he is (how quaint)

Nun-Wisdom-all ghosts near her immediately vanish

Train Robber (from cowboy times)-Walker-the less items in his inventory the faster he is (still not that fast though)

Warlock-Walid-when attacking he shoots a bolt of lightning that stuns the enemy for 2.5 seconds (there is a 3 minute cooldown between shots, and the lightning bolt has priority over his normal attacks (so it is fired automatically))

Necromancer-Wakefield-on full moons he can sacrifice a mandrake and some gold to summon a ghoul to lend him a hand in battle/etc (the ghoul would be like a pigman but have more health (note: it doesn't have to be a ghoul, i was going to say an undead pigman (because there aren't really any humans around) but an undead pigman is pretty simalar to Minecraft))

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