THE TORCH CAN NO LONGER BE OBTAINED. THE DEADLINE WAS 16/05/16. YOU CAN STILL SOLVE THE PUZZLE BUT YOU WON'T GET THE TORCH. PUZZLE SOLVED! SOLVING THIS PUZZLE GIVES YOU THE TRAGIC TORCH SKIN IN DON'T STARVE TOGETHER! (EXPIRED) Your bloody reward! HOW TO OBTAIN THE TRAGIC TORCH: Step 1: Go here: and log in with your Steam account. Step 2: Simply enter INFIRMUS into the bar below to update the comic. (This part of the puzzle was solved by @Flare2V ) Step 3: After typing in Infirmus click on all 12 flowers in the comic, including Maxwell's rose on the final panel. Double click them in case one click isn't working. If it still isn't working try to clear your browser's cache. When done correctly the comic updates. (This part of the puzzle was solved by @Zillvr ) Here's a picture of all flowers you are supposed to click: Step 4: Double click the smoke in the last panel to update the comic. Step 5: Type in PULVIS ET UMBRA SUMUS to continue the puzzle. (This part of the puzzle was solved by @Pontivagus ) Step 6: Click on the 2 berry bushes in the third panel, the trap on the second panel, the stick Wilson is holding on the first panel, the fire and the crock pot to update the comic. (This part of the puzzle was solved by @LCOV ) Here's a picture of things you are supposed to click: Step 7: A bunch of roses will appear on the second page now. The second page borders spell out CHARLIE top to bottom. You have to click all the roses on the panels in order of the letters H-E-I-R to complete the puzzle. (This part of the puzzle was solved by @KedarK3 and @Ajosen ) This is the most complicated step, click the roses shown in the image in order: Once you do this the puzzle will be fully updated and you will unlock the Tragic Torch skin when you log into Don't Starve Together on Steam! HOW THE PUZZLE WAS FOUND: The cyclum page was found in the release trailer video shown here, I had to enter cyclum into the don'tstarvetogether link to make the comic appear. Here are all the unedited pages of the comic in case you want them: Page 1: Page 2: Page 3: Page 4: That's a wrap guys! Thank you all for contributing and a special thanks to Klei Entertainment for making this genius puzzle! The comic might be over, but the story most certainly isn't! Until next time... EDIT: A pretty nice catch by @Quoth143 or itstheblob rather...anyways...this is just more evidence that Charlie might be the one sitting on the throne now. If you like Cyclum memes head on over to the meme thread, I personally approve of memes being posted here because we have a full day between updates, but folks requested it: