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[Gameplay] Doesn't play nice with Steam's shift-tab


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Doesn't play nice with Steam's shift-tab

Steps to reproduce

1. Make sure you are in-game and the game is not paused
2. Press shift-tab to enter the Steam overlay
3. Game will act as if you pressed tab

Describe your issue

Don't Starve makes use of the tab character to toggle the map. Steam makes use of shift-tab to enter and exit the Steam overlay. (It may be possible to change Steam's key binding: I've never tried.)

When you are entering the Steam overlay, Don't Starve still handles the tab-key event (ignoring the shift modifier) and toggles map mode.

This can be especially troublesome if you have used map mode to stop the game action, as you are now in the Steam overlay but the game is progressing. You're chatting or web-browsing away and Wilson is getting very hungry!

This does not happen when exiting the Steam overlay (presumably the game never receives the key event).

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Thanks, but I don't actually want to change it. :cool:

I mentioned that it may be changeable because somebody with a different binding may run into a similar issue. Since it's configurable, just checking for the presence of shift in the tab handler is not really adequate.

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