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World integration: seasons, hounds

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hyiltiz    537

It was Moonsoon season. Killed the hounds, then immediately (within 1 Day) jumped into RoG through Seaworthy in SW, and found that it was last day of Summer (in RoG). So Glad! However, I heard hounds. Assuming that these two worlds does NOT share the scheduler for periodic attacks, I jumped back to SW immediately since I was afraid of fire hounds. Then, when I came back, I got another hound attack in SW. That is fine. Then, after 2 Days in SW, my base got flooded. Recalling that it must be the 2nd Day of Autumn which is the best Season in RoG, I jumped back into RoG. However, Autumn somehow ended! I realized that, despite only spending 2 game Days in between, it was already last day of Autumn.

How exactly these time mechanism work?

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