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Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

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PhelsarusBeel    3996
8 hours ago, Zeklo said:

I'm glad I already spoiled the final boss of that game for myself. >.>

What if i told you that Dragun isn't the final boss.

I mean think about it everything in Gungeon is a pun or joke on guns this includes the floornames what are called Chambers. I think I don't need to say more.

Sorry uf I went a bit offtopic again but I just needed to say that.

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Ysulyan    3928
14 hours ago, Mezukie said:

of course! 

But first I must post this from liptons' stream

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Brother who is giggling and frolicking because he did so. <3  @Ysulyan

Hehe brother~.jpeg





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