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RoG/SW World - A strange happening

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Daggaroth    129

A started a new world to try out Shipwrecked now that it is out of early access. I started in the Shipwrecked world and lived for about a year before world hopping with the teleportato (I normally do this so I can start exploring a fresh world with all the advantages gained from the last), but after reaching the first Monsoon Seasoon in the second world with a nice base and a lot of the map explored, I decided that I wanted some RoG goodies as well.

So, I used the Seaworthy for the first time; I previously mistrusted it due to bugs but since it's out of early access I felt a lot more comfortable using it. It generated a SW compatible RoG world and I set off exploring, setting up defences against upcoming seasons, trying to get a Tam o' Shanter etc. Towards the end of Spring I'd revealed the RoG map, set up a sufficient base and built a Seaworthy in that whole for when I'd eventually return. However, I then felt it was time to visit the Caves / Ruins for some more exploring action.

It became Summer whilst I was in the Caves, and I noticed that all the plant life wilted, even underground. It's not really a big deal, but I was unsure as to whether or not this was meant to be the case. I couldn't honestly remember whether stuff wilted in the Caves in RoG or not, but based on my more up to date knowledge of Don't Starve Together, thing don't wilt underground. Like I said, not really a game changer, just wondered whether other players had noticed any changes.

Now is the time to explain the truly strange happening...

I got caught off guard by some Beardlords and Depth Worms in the Caves, and decided to return to my surface base to recover, however, when I did it was completely pitch black despite being in the middle of a long summer's day! Here's a screenshot:


As you can see from the clock it's clearly day, but it was as dark as night, It also didn't help that Hounds came as soon as I exited the Caves, but that's a pretty standard occurrence honestly. I only saw the daylight again when the dawn of a new day began (I'm glad this darkness wasn't permanent). Has anyone else encountered something like this? 

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oCrapaCreeper    3134

Yeah, while the compatibility between SW/RoG interactions with the Seaworthy are mostly bug free, weird stuff still happens to both worlds if you go down into the caves or ruins. Time traveling, season desync, season skipping, and some mix up about what time of a day it is.


I'm hoping those issues get sorted out.

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