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Well that's unfortunate

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Just a little story that recently happened that I thought someone might find funny.

So I have been playing some Shipwrecked recently, and am finding all sorts of neat things in it. I had just been playing as Wilson, and had made it to day 19 (or might have been 20). I had built a small base on an island, had some sandbags up, had a windproof fireplace (the name of it currently escapes me), an alchemy machine, and a lightning rod. Nothing fancy, but I was okay with it for the moment. My true treasure lied in my loot I had collected. I had two spear guns (that I never got to use), a life vest, a pirate hat, a captain's hat, and a couple other things, including a really cool talking volleyball. I found all of these, and was really feeling like I was doing alright. Oh, and I also found the volcano. Anyway, that's where things took a turn for the worst. 

I'd come across a life vest before, but had never used it. Heck, I hadn't ever seen a ship sink or anything yet. I had no idea what actually happened if your ship's health got to 0 and you ended up taking a swim. But, after reading the description of the life jacket I thought "huh, well I guess that means I can swim if I have this thing on?" thinking that maybe as long as you wear the vest you can swim around the water for a bit, and that if you don't have one on you must sink. I was just waiting around my camp, and thought "you know . . . I have a ship that's at 4% health; now would be the perfect time to test out the life vest!" and so donning my vest and shouting "for science!" I hopped aboard my boat and drove it around until the health ran out. 


And promptly watched myself flail around and sink faster than a ton of bricks.


I washed up on another island, and thought "what the heck just happened?" when I heard the sounds of hounds barking. This was bad news, because I was on some sand-trap of an island, and had no real resources. Fortunately (or so I thought at the time) I had prepared a log raft for just such an occasion. I quickly ran over to the water, placed my raft, and began paddling. My base island was pretty close, and so I thought I should be fine and be able to escape the hounds. I was out in the sea, when I saw some of those blasted red fins heading my way, and realized my mistake. I had gotten used to being able to dodge hounds pretty easily, but I quickly found out that you can't outrun sea hounds (or whatever those things are called) on a log raft. Short story shorter, I ended up sinking again, and this time ended up resting in Davy Jones' locker. 

So that's my story of life as Wilson, and my mishap and misunderstanding with a life jacket. Dang. 

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