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SW and ROG worlds connected

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So i checked it out, connected my fresh 120 days SW world to an existing 100 day world.

I got the TemoShanter and walking cane as well as 80+ tooth hounds, lots of dark fuel and other usefull stuff which i thought would be harder to obtain in SW, and i made it back to my SW world.

Some things i noticed: The Season didnt change, when i left it was raining season in SW ,when i came back after 2.5 months it was the same, everything flooded.

My character has forgotten almost all Nautical blueprints, as well as pig house blueprint and some other.

When i was in RoG world, i digged my previous characters graveyard, and i got all the items, few days later i digged again, and got duplicates of all items my character had, probably a bug...

Food in fridges spoiled, 120 rot from 3 fridges except for ice and suprisingly butter was still there but almost spoiled as well, meat on the drying racks was at 100% freshness and ready to pick up.


What about you guys, what do you bring from your RoG worlds, or plan to bring?

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