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[Gameplay] Mysterious "Mega-Poo", glitched out biomes.


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Mysterious "Mega-Poo", glitched out biomes.

Steps to reproduce

I am very sorry, but the first of these bugs happened off-screen, and the second was in generation. It is however worth noting that this was not on the "test" map generation.

Describe your issue

Bizarre Biomes: There are reeds growing in my forest, and that same forest is being invaded by tentacles!
Mysterious Mega-Poo!: A massive singularity of poo being swarmed by what is possible the noisiest group of synchronized buzzing-airshow flies.

Sadly, I thought I would be able to pull screenshots from steam on to my hard drive. There either isn't a way to do that, or I can't find one. My steam name is [GUI] Drew, and all of the screenshots are public if you want to take a look.

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I didn't find any Don't Starve screenshots in all your screenshots.

There are some websites to host your images, you should try them (eg: http://imageshack.us/ )

ps: to make a Windows capture of the focused window, press ALT+PrintScreen, run Paint or another image editor, Paste the screenshot (CTRL+V, or RightClick>Paste), then save it as a JPEG/JPG.

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That's weird. Also, like I said, I can't find the pictures on my hard drive, and can't figure out how to retrieve them. I suppose I will use the alt-print screen in the future when I see bugs.

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