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[Graphics] Tooth Trap Graphic Not Updating

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orangetayo    10

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Tooth Trap Graphic Not Updating

Steps to reproduce

1) Place tooth trap
2) Leave tooth trap alone near tree guard/spiders
3) Return to tooth trap during hound attack

Describe your issue

I've only experienced this bug once. I placed a series of tooth traps around a campfire outside my home base (to retreat to help with any aggro mobs if needed). There was a spider nest and a treeguard nearby that occasionally walk near the camp. After a few days, the hounds attack and I ran down to the circle of traps. All the graphics indicated that none of the graphics were sprung, but the hounds ran right over the traps, without tripping any of them. I led them off screen and on screen over the traps, but still nothing. I later picked up the traps and placed them down again, and they work. I believe the graphic was displaying a trap that was not sprung, but in actuality, the treeguard triggered the traps and the graphic didn't update.

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Wade    309

I know there is an issue where the Tooth Traps need to be reset when exiting out of the game and re-entering.

Was this all in the same play session, or did you save/load between setting the traps?

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