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[Gameplay] Caged Bird Eats Stack of Seeds


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Caged Bird Eats Stack of Seeds

Steps to reproduce

-Produce a stackof 15+ Pumpkin Seeds
-Feed a Caged Redbird a seed
-While it is eating, change weapons

Describe your issue

This issue has happened at least twice for me, both times with a stack of pumpkin seeds. The first time I thought it was a random glitch, the second time I have several theories.

I was unable to reproduce the issue. However, from memory, here is what happened:

Left-clicked stack of pumpkin seeds onto caged Redbird. While the bird was chewing, I noticed I had the shovel equipped and decided to switch it out for an axe to remove green square. I clicked the axe with the seeds to select the axe and then clicked the weapon slot with the axe. At this point, I noticed the seeds had dissapeared.

Now, I cannot actually say if it was the bird that ate the seeds, or if I just stumbled onto an unrelated bug with moving things from a krampus bag into the weapon slot.

Best of luck fixing this one! It was a bummer to lose the seeds, they aren't easy to come by :)

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