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[Gameplay] Pig Men Won't Leave Houses


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Pig Men Won't Leave Houses

Steps to reproduce

1) Discover pig houses, pigs are running around like normal (this camp happened to have the king too)
2) I killed a couple pigs (several still remaining), fed pig meat to pig king, got gold
3) I left the area, unknown number of days pass
4) Found another pig camp, with 5 houses and no king, pigs outside like normal, left it alone
5) Found a third pig camp with one house, and no pig (could have left somewhere?)
6) Went back to base camp to get a hammer, ~one day passes
7) Went to the first camp that had the king, no pigs in sight, left camp
8) Went to second camp, no pigs in sight
9) Broke three houses at second camp with hammer, pigs were inside, picked up all materials
10) Fed meat to the three pigs and used them to clear a forest
11) Killed all three pigs and collected meat/materials
12) Built one pig house of my own near home base, pig spawned immediately, happy days
13) Number of days pass, not checking on any pigs
14) Go back to second pig camp, break remaining houses, killed pigs inside
15) Go to the third single house camp, break that house, killed pig inside
16) Buiild another pig house next to original, first pig nowhere to be seen
17) Day passes
18) Go to first pig camp, break enough houses and killed pigs inside houses to get a few more skins
19) Build third pig house near first two, two pigs wandering around
20) Days pass
21) Check back on pigs in player built houses, no pigs in sight (although one night I swear I did hear pigs)
22) Days pass
23) Check back in on pigs, still no pigs, afraid to break them down and lose pigs forever!

Describe your issue

The steps listed to reproduce was everything that I could remember that I did when I noticed that pigs were no longer coming out of the houses during the day. I didn't really think anything of it until I broke a couple houses at the second camp during the day and the pigs were inside instead. I thought that it was weird that the pigs didn't come outside. Then I started checking all the pig houses I found, and realized that none of the pigs were coming outside. I decided to check to see if I built pig houses of my own, if they would behave normally, but after a few days they disappeared to inside their houses too.

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Determined to find out what has been going on, I've been checking on the first camp every day now and they just reappeared!! Also, on my way back I found a group of 5 pigs randomly in a savannah without houses, and after I killed all of them, my houses back near my home base are spawning again!

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