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Sometimes when objects are close together it becomes quite difficult to make your character do the right thing. I notice this especially when I have to interact with the same item multiple times.

For example, when you set a trap, the trap is spawned directly behind your character, so then trying to bait it with a carrot results in trying to work the mouse around your character so you don't accidentally eat it. When trying to cook things on the fire, after the first cooking, the character comes really close to the fire, and dragging subsequent items to be cooked sometimes results in the character eating the uncooked item instead (which can often kill the character at low health).

It would be really nice to create some sort of system that would avoid these ambiguous situations, and resolve commands when objects collide with multiple objects.

A more 'hacky' solution would be to spawn items sufficiently far from the character when creating them (like the trap), and to not have the character come so close to them while using them (like the fire). This would lower the number of times that such a situation would arise, but not eliminate it completely.

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