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[Graphics] Water is missing


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Water is missing

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I simply started a new game and came close to the borderlands of the land, i what i found was nothing but a black color

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I just came close to the borderlands when i assume to find water but instead i see black. I have the last video cards updates by the way.


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I have this issue as well. Interestingly, the water I'm seeing is only missing when I face in either direction along one axis. If I turn and face either way on the orthogonal axis, I see the water. I have screenshots if it's helpful.

As an aside, the way the water looks when you rotate the screen is kinda awkward.

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i have a even more urgent problem, this is my map and i dont know how to get on other island from here? i went around on edges, HELP guys


ps: im on day 119 and quiting or re-starting the game is a no, i will quit the game and sell it if i dont find a solution, i really spend too much time getting al the things and making a nice camp and stuff. so any help would be great

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