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[Graphics] Graphic Bug when start

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Graphic Bug when start

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I did nothing... it just happened when it started the game.

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Hello Community,
when i started to play Don't Starve after a while again, i saw that i have a fatal graphic bug when i start the game. Before the bug was there the game worked fine. Now evertime when i start Don't Starve, the top half is black and the lower half is some "stuff" i opened like the browser.
In the background i can here the sounds of the game but i can't even see the Version Number or buttons... The lower half of the screen is kind of "buggy".

Here a screenshot (I pixelated the lower half because it's my browser (+site) that i opened before i started to play.):

I would be pretty if anyone can help me with my problem.


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So... i reinstalled the game now. The game started now in the window mode and i had no graphic bug... But no i have this problem(s):

-i can't change graphic settings in the setting menu only the bloom is changeable (in-game)

-if i change in the settings file (\Steam\SteamApps\common\dont_starve]\settings) the game to fullscreen, the game has the same problem as before i reinstalled the game

-if the game is in window mode, the resolution is 1280x720 logically this don't fit all my screen because my resolution of my desktop is 1280x1024

-i can't change the resolution in the settings file... it always change it back to 1280x720 by it self when i start the game

So at the moment i can play the game but i don't like the window mode with this resolution, so if anyone have a idea how to fix it i would be very happy.


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  • Developer

Unfortunately, your system is right on the borderline for support.

As the development process goes on, we are constantly adding new content which will tax systems more and more.

Sadly, your system may have just fallen beneath the line.

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