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[Gameplay] Disappearence of Land


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Disappearence of Land

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I was being chased by a hound when the issue happened.

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I was getting ready to set up a fire for the night, as the darkest hours were coming, and as I was about to make it a hound came from the top of my screen and began to chase me down :eek: . After running for a moment, I remembered that last time I had a hound chasing me, the cows nearby had charged and killed it. So, with night closing in, I ran toward the area they graze in, but one I got there, it was an ocean :confused: . The area of land where the cows were had simply disappeared. I checked my map several times over, and the area was still there and land on the map. I could not walk onto it, and all it had become was ocean. Night then proceeded to come and I had my first death in the game. (Day 11). I'd really appreciate it if you could fix this issue. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)


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