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Don't Starve Merch Masterpost

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I'm hoping to make a comprehensive list of the official Don't Starve products, for collecting purposes and general info. If Anybody is aware of something not on this list please add it on~

Basic - These products are not limited/special edition

Don't Starve Blind Box Figures

Abigail Glowing Vinyl Figure

Bearded Wilson Survival Figure

Beefalo Plush

Chester Plush Replica

Don't Starve Winter Hat

Hissing Spider Plush

Special Edition

Special Edition Pink Cotton Candy Chester

Special Edition Dangling Depth Dweller Hissing Spider Plush

Limited Edition

Chill Beefalo Plush

Shadow Beefalo Plush

Don't Starve Handcasted Clear WX-78 Overdrive Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow (20 made)

Limited Edition Shadow Wilson Figure

Limited Edition Zombie Wes Figure

Con Exlusives

Dubby Beefalo Plush (Sold at PAX, year and location uncertain)

PAX Prime 2014 Wilson Pin


Snow Chester Replica

Shadow Chester Replica (I haven't seen any definitive proof of this one's existence)


Humble Wilson Figure - Sold by Humble Bundle for a brief time (?)

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+ Shadow Chester Plush *No Picture Proof Exists* (100 made Kickstarter exclusive)
+ Snow Chester Plush (250 made Kickstarter exclusive)
+ Golden Chester Badge *No Picture Proof Exists* (3 made Kickstarter Exclusive)


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